Enterprise doesn’t do it again.




Last January, I wrote about the joys of trying to rent a car from Enterprise here in Walnut Creek–making a reservation, then finding that they not only didn’t have the car when I got there but were incapable of telling me the truth.

Yesterday, it happened again.

We rent a couple of large vans to take people from our house to the Ruth Bancroft Garden for the sculpture show, then back to the house for a party.  So last week I called and reserved them.  They were booked for 3 pm.

Just before three, Enterprise called to say that one van was on site, and the other was at Tires by Wheel Works and would arrive in 15 minutes.  Great, I thought.  Silly me.

Gail and I went down to the rental office at 10 after 4.  The guy said that he had one van, and the other was 15 minutes away, just around the corner.  I had my doubts.

Still, it took 30 minutes to do the unending paperwork.  Guess what hadn’t arrived yet?  Yep, the other van.  Now they were telling me that it was coming from San Ramon (what happened to Wheel Works, 2 blocks away?) and was stuck in traffic.

Gail took one of the vans, and I waited for the other.  And waited.  We had guests arriving at 5:30, and I wanted to shower and change.

At 5:15, an hour and 5 minutes after we got there, two and a quarter hours after the reserved time, the guy drove in.  I grabbed the keys from his hand an high-tailed it out of there, dirty windows and all.

Today, returning the car, they told me some BS story about having the wrong van and having to go to Berkeley to get the right one.  Then the drone behind the counter wanted to know what they could do to make it right, because customer service was their highest priority.  I think he wanted me to beg and whine for a discount, but that wasn’t happening.  If they can’t man up and offer a decent discount for their poor service and lies, I don’t think I care to let them make me demean myself by pleading for what they should be doing in the first place.

Monday I’ll have a chat with the regional office in Oakland about their hideous service, their incessant lies and the poor way they have handled the entire affair, but Idoubt that it will do any good.

Does anyone now of another company that rents 15 passenger vans?  I’ll need two this time next year.








One thought on “Enterprise doesn’t do it again.

  1. I would recommend using Yelp.com to check out other Rent A Car companies. However, I do notice Enterprise Rent A Car having consistently high ratings. My experience with Enterprise has always been positive, although their last-minute selections at our local office (Hayward) are sometimes limited.

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