Who buys this stuff?

I’m at SFO waiting for my flight to Chicago and then Toronto. Coming up are five glorious days of big boy bridge, and I’m a happy camper.

No traffic this morning. Left the house at 6:45 and was through security and headed to the gate by 7:45.

American air has a fantastic new terminal– the completely rebuilt terminal two. Great places to eat, including Lark Creek Cafe and a bar/restaurant by celebrity chef Cat Cora. A market with fine wines, gourmet breads and cheeses, and upscale pizza and sandwiches.

Then there are the stores. I guess I can understand the travel goods like neck pillows and eye shades, but who comes to the airport to buy luggage, clothes or computer equipment?

Or home decor? There is a “fine arts and crafts” store selling lamps and accessories and sculptures that are far too large to carry. Who buys them? Why? Does anyone think “I need something for that corner of the living room. I think I’ll go to the airport and get a floor lamp. ” ??




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