Toronto NABC

So here I am in beautiful downtown Toronto, hiding out in my room because it’s just too darned hot outside to go sightseeing.

The tournament opened last night with the charity pairs, but I was still in transit.  Three hours from now Mike and I will set out to win the Life Masters Pairs, or at least qualify the tomorrow.  Linda is playing with Cole Powell, so we have a personal competition going as well.

The tournament site, the Royal York, is dreadfully expensive, even with the bridge rate.  So I’m staying at the Novotel, about 2 blocks away.  So far it seems decent–my room is sort of small, but that often happens in the big city.  The biggest complaint I have is that the wireless internet is just pig slow.  I haven’t had internet this poky since we were in Cuba last year.  The wireless connection on the Airport Express bus last night was better.

I’ve got five days of playing scheduled, then it’s back to the cool air of California.  Stay tuned, NABC’s are always interesting and I’ll have all the news.

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