Toronto, LM Pairs, first session

Demonstrating the hospitality umbrella, Cole Powell makes yet another fashion statement

Linda is one of very few women who can make this look fetching.


Here’s the definition of really, really humid: it’s hot, and it’s raining.  Not much in the way of clouds–the water seem to be just leaking out of the air.

That’s the way it was on the way to dinner tonight.  The hospitality package is a tote bag and an umbrella–things you can actually use.  Nice planning, Toronto.

Huge field in the LM pairs this afternoon–and that’s taking into account that there is a LM to 1500 game and a LM to 5000 game, as well.  All national events.  Taking almost all the under 5000 players out of the field makes the big game fiendishly tough.  Mike and I played decently and had a 48% this afternoon–we’ll have to pick it up some to qualify tonight.

Dinner was at Ki, an uber-upscale Japanese restaurant.  The food was great, the price ghastly.  It’ll take two nights at the Old Spaghetti Factory to make up for tonight’s dinner, but it was worth it.

Time to go back to work.  More later.


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