uick and dirty. That’s right–no Q

Just below average doesn’t cut it.

Micky and I were about 48% for the day, and it takes at least a hair over 50% to earn you coveted Q.

We thought we had two good boards against Billy Miller–bid 2♥, made 4 on a defensive slip, set Billy in 3NT.  How bad can this be? I’ll tell you how bad. We got 11 1/2 points out of 50 that round.  When the rounds you think are good actually suck, you’re in deep yogurt, and so we were.

Somebody is smiling, just not us.  Linda Bandler and Cole Powell, in the LM to 5000 event, had a pair of 54% games and qualified easily.  Mark Ralph and Bruce Noda, in the big room, had two huge games, 63% and 67%.

So tomorrow it’s a regional event.  Bill Heid and Bill Staats didn’t make the cut today, either, so maybe we’ll play a team game.  Right now I fell like spending the day in bed sucking my thumb and whining, but that will pass.

The famous gambler, Nick the Greek Dandalos, said “the next best thing to playing and winning is playing and losing.  As long as you’re playing.”  I think he was on to something.


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