Dinner break Tuesday

And here’s yet another reason I’m against the 7:00 pm start–I wouldn’t have time to make this post.  In fact, the Nationals used to start the second session at 8, and that’s fine with me.  I could use the time to post more and get a nap, too.

Tom and I had a good game this afternoon–63% was the last score I saw, but there were a few boards to come in from around the room.  In any event, we did well.  Life is much easier in a stratified event than in a national championship where there are only good players and **I** am the little old lady everyone is hoping to play against.

The gang went out for a Greek dinner, but I’m getting a trifle burnt out so I walked back to the hotel, got a take out dinner from the Old Spaghetti Factory, took a bath, will write this post and head back to the game refreshed and ready.

The walk back was interesting–like many cities in cold climates, Downtown Toronto has an entire underground network connecting everything, so you you can walk quite a distance without ever having to go outdoors.  There are hundreds of stores and restaurants down there, it’s all climate controlled and comfortable and safe.  What it isn’t, is well marked.  I only got about halfway back before I was completely lost and turned around, with nary a map or sign in sight, so I emerged like a groundhog, saw my shadow and we’ll have 6 more weeks of summer.

Here is another gallery of photos from yesterday.  I have to get back to the game.



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