Toronto, Tuesday morning

SR is sending me notes telling me to blog more, so I have to get this done before I dash on out of Totally Unofficial central and race up to the Sheraton to play.

Yes, the Sheraton, home of the losers.  We played yesterday in the National Senior Swiss Teams, and might have made the cut if the hearts had been 2-2 on the slam I played in round 8.  But they weren’t, I was down 1, we lost the match and did not qualify.  So today it’s just the regional pairs event.  I’ll play with Tom–Linda is ready to play with Micky, and he’s probably pretty tired of my face across the table from him anyway.

Plenty of people coming over yesterday to congratulate Linda on her great finish in the LM pairs.  I promised a better photo–here’s the official winner’s portrait.



Dinner last night was in the rotating restaurant in the CN tower, 1140 feet over the city.  We have enjoyed these tourist meccas in Dallas, Seattle, Montreal and Vancouver, at least.  The food tends to be surprisingly good, the views spectacular, the prices dreadful, but it isn’t like you’ll be eating there every night.

Lake Ontario and the Ontario islands.


I took the big camera along with me; I have some great shots, but not much time to process them and make them beautiful.  So just a few today.

Tom and Barbara. She looks exhausted from all the shopping.


My appetizer--a charcuterie plate


LInda's salad


Barbara's pork tenderloin


Dessert. I don't know what it was, but it had maple syrup in it and Barbara said that was important in Canada


Goats milk vanilla ice cream. I really liked the serving piece, too.


The tournament is very well attended, but that’s normal for Toronto.  Not many people from our area.  The weather is more reasonable–the heat wave has died down, and it’s in the 80’s.  Beautiful walking back to the hotel in the evening.  I see a considerable number of homeless sleeping on the streets–makes me wonder what they do in the winter.

Time to go.  More later.


One thought on “Toronto, Tuesday morning

  1. “I see a considerable number of homeless sleeping on the streets–makes me wonder what they do in the winter.”

    They go to Florida, like most Canadians do (though the ones in Western Canada seem to prefer Arizona).

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