Aloha, Oy!

Kate and Brad are honeymooning in Maui, so Gail and I are going along for the party.

Oakland airport was pretty empty at 6:10 this morning, so getting through the security theater was quick and painless. They are being formal about checking the names on ID’s, though not formal enough to call people mister or ma’am. The security drones address everyone by their first names to remind you that they don’t need to be courteous, just rude and familiar. Then they wonder why people despise the TSA.

The good news is we’re sitting in the front of the alaska air plane. Kate found that you can buy upgrade coupons on craigslist for about $100. We have all of row two in which to be rowdy. Gail wants to sit across the aisle from Brad, somi e en get the window seat for a rare change.

They’re getting ready to button this bird up for the flight, so I’ll be back when we’re on Maui time.


One thought on “Aloha, Oy!

  1. Well, I’ll be a Grinch, Chris. I for one don’t despise the TSA. I’m glad they’re there, doing what must be an incredibly boring job. It may be their superiors asked them to use the name just to make sure they really look at your document. Whatever the reason, I would be shocked to learn that they do it to be rude and familiar!

    TSA aside, I know you’ll have a great time over there. Aloha to all.

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