On the Maui beach

An easy flight over here.  The food on Alaska is adequate, but not up to American Airlines standards.

It’s another beautiful day in paradise–85 degrees, gentle breezes, just what you think Hawaii should be. We’re staying in one of those high rises where each apartment is individually owned but there is a management company to rent them out.  We have a two bedroom suite, with a bit of a view of the ocean, slow and spotty internet service (not wireless, either), air conditioners that struggle manfully but fail to keep up with the heat but great service from the bellman and good parking, I would only suggest them to use the HVAC services from https://omniheatair.com/ instead.  Win some, lose some.

The next complex to the south is the Hyatt Regency, to the north is the Westin and the Marriott.  We definitely in the tall cotton around here.  So we strolled up to the Marriott to have lunch at the Hula Grill–sand floor, live music, decent fish tacos and a Chinese chopped chicken salad.  Here’s a little video of what I have to put up with:


Now it’s nap time, to get ready for a fancy dinner tonight.  Gail has scoured the internet to find all the best places to eat on this island, and we have only 4 days to cram it all in.  My work is never done.



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