Edible Art

I can’t remember all the restaurants that have existed in the building in the middle of Lafayette where Kane Sushi now exists.  There was one with cajun food that served a mean jambalaya, a bar where I could watch HBO fights, a couple of Italian joints.

Then came Kane, and maybe the constant change is over.  I sure hope so, because I like this place.

Some sushi bars are rarefied and exclusive, with very high prices obsequious bowing service.  Not here.  Kane is a local place, working hard to keep families happy.  Service is quick and efficient, the wine list is short but the menu is long.  Too long, for me at least.  The list of possible rolls covers both sides of a 14″ sheet in small print, and it’s darned hard to assimilate and decide.  The walls are covered with posters the customers have made for their own favorite concoctions. Yes, I’m complaining because there is too much choice.

Once you make up your mind and pick something, though, the food is both tasty and beautiful.


California roll with tempura shrimp

Gyoza--the Japanese version of pot stickers, with much less dough on the outside.


Titanic roll--fried yellowtail and hot sauce


Prices are awfully reasonable for sushi.  The food is good, the service is quick and friendly.  It ain’t fancy, it’s just a great place for a quick plate of edible art.














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