Not just plates and bowls

There are a lot of ceramic artists out there, and most of them throw pots and plates and bowls and cups.  High class, artsy dinnerware.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, it’s what people like and are willing to buy.

But then there are others, dedicated artists making art for its own sake, not because it pays the rent.  And artists who do both, something to bring in income and something to express their artistic creativity. Tonight we went to a great show at For Mason of the non-dinnerware  kind of ceramics art.

The Ceramics Annual of America show is a wonder of fine art–not a serving dish in sight. Work featured is cutting edge innovative, and spans a gamut from serious to whimsical.  There was a performance artist eating a huge piece of chocolate and smearing much of it on his bare chest, but I don’t know what that had to do with anything ceramic or what it could possible mean.

We went to see the art, of course, and to meet with artists who have become friends of ours–Kevin Nierman, Michelle Gregor and Tuppy Lawson.  Gail only wanted to bring home a couple of pieces…………

I’m not much of an art critic, so instead of writing more drivel I’ll include a large bunch of photos and let you see for yourself.  If you like this stuff, hustle on over to Fort Mason all weekend and see the show, it’s about the best show you’ll ever find dedicated to ceramic sculpture.  And it’s a good excuse to have fun with my new little pocket camera.

Just outside the front door, this piece is blazing flame into the city fog.


Michelle Gregor and her work


Another of Michelle's pieces




This artist is Natasha, and her work is very emotive and non-representational

More of Natasha's work

This seems very serious, but there's humor in there somewhere


I like this head. I don't know why, I just like it.


The plexiglass box isn't for safekeeping, it is part of the artistic statement about the limitations we put on ourselves and each other.


I like it. I don't understand it, but I like it.

Some of the art is very strange. This piece is suspended in mid-air.


Romance never dies


Two heads are better than one?


Not all the art is ceramic--the crowd is pretty interesting, too.


Tuppy Lawson. She also works at the Apple Store; the earbud earrings are in memory of Steve Jobs.


A book, pencil and photos, all ceramic. The ephemeral is made permanent.


Cant have an art show without a hipster


A woman turns into a two-headed giraffe. You can spend a long time looking at this and examining your feelings.


This is just too strange for me.


This guy just looked cool.

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