Like mother never made

I wasn't fast enough to get a picture of the pie

Lunch today at Jack’s, in Pleasant Hill where the Left Bank used to be.

Being a healthy sort, I had a salad–their crispy Buffalo chicken salad, to be precise.  Crispy chicken, lettuce, corn, beans, avocado.  Ranch Dressing–they offer a spicy Buffalo ranch, but I passed because I’m a sissy when it comes to spicy/hot.  The salad was entirely adequate, not great.  Gail had a shrimp Louie, and spent much of her time picking out the large spines of the romaine lettuce.

Since I was still hungry, I asked if they had pie.  Remember how every diner always had a plethora of fresh-baked pies, and the waitress would reel off your choices like a litany? “Apple, cherry, blueberry, boysenberry, custard, banana cream and peach”?  Those days are gone.  Jack’s, though, does offer the classic American apple pie ala mode, which is went for in a flash.

WOW!!   Was that a good pie!!  Warm flaky crust, apples still crisp and bursting with flavor, caramel sauce, French Vanilla ice cream.  It’s the best pie I’ve had in years.

I’m happy now.

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