You should always ask

My man Denny


We’re going to some fancy gala tonight, and I thought I should have a decent suit.  The ones I already own seem to have shrunk in the closet, so it was time for something that fit.

Off we went last week to the Mens Warehouse, and I picked something out.  Went back today to pick it up after the alterations were complete.

In the meantime, the store started advertising a 2 for 1 sale, which made me cranky since I didn’t get in on it.  So when we got there this afternoon, I asked if they would extend the sale back and include me–lots of stores do this when things prices are marked down right after you make a purchase.

And they said yes.  So I got to pick something else out, which was fortunate because it finally dawned on me that tonight’s affair is formal, and I’d feel like George Gobel if I showed up in a blue suit at a black tie dinner.  Right there on the rack was a lovely Calvin Klein tuxedo, which is now hanging in my closet.  Well, the coat is.  The pants are still at the store awaiting shortening, but I’ve got other formal pants.  Naturally, I had to buy a new shirt (got two on the 2 for 1 sale) and some new studs (got an extra pair of cufflinks on the sale).  Still, I got out of there with a new tuxedo, shirts and jewelry for about $200, which is a steal.

It pays to speak up.


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