Berkeley Fire photos

Last night after the bridge tournament in Oakland ( I only made 1 enormous error, we were 6th out of 16.  Not exciting), I wanted to go to Fat Slice Pizza to check on our business.

It turned out to be a huge challenge just to get there–our garage is on Channing Way, and the street was blocked by the police.  At first I thought it was a civil disturbance, perhaps the Occupy people, but I was wrong.  The apartment building on the corner of Telly and Haste was in flames.  Big flame, this was no wastebasket fire it was the real thing.

Eventually I went around, down Bancroft and up Durant, found a parking place and get to Fat Slice.  They were busy, because there were so many people on the street watching the excitement.  Since I had my little camera with me, I, too, went over to look.  Here’s what I saw:


Telegraph blocked off and filled with fire trucks from Berkeley, Alameda and Oakland.


Snorkel rigs shooting down on the 5 (6?) story building.


Smoke and steam filling the sky, lit by the flames.


Getting further back to get it all in. Strange to see Telegraph with no cars, just people walking.


The fire apparently started about 9 pm, and it wasn’t out until after 3 am. The cause isn’t yet known.

Thirty nine apartments were destroyed along with a variety of business.  I didn’t read of any one being injured, thankfully.

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