Breakfast of Champions

Scrambled eggs and truffles.


After our dinner at Oliveto, there was a tiny bit of precious fungus left, so we carefully cut it in half and each took our tiny treasure home.

Did you know that egg shells were porous?  Well they are–if you think about it, the baby chicks need to breathe, so the air must be able to get inside.

This leads to one of the great breakfast treats of all time–you take you itty bitty truffle bit and put it in a large container with all your eggs and let them sit together for a couple of days for the aroma to infuse the eggs through the shell.  Then you gently, softly, carefully cook the eggs under low heat and serve them with the remaining truffle slices.  It’s just wonderful.

I even went to the store and bought some imported Irish butter.  American butter is 20% water, European butter isn’t.  So it’s much richer and creamier, albeit more expensive.  Spreadit on top of some fresh walnut bread from Grace Baking, top with a slice of truffle and you’ve finished up the leftovers from your dinner out in grand style.

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