If it’s not one thing it’s another

She would understand.


Knowing that this is one of he busiest travel days of the year and not wanting to have any problems, we got up early today and hustled out to SFO, leaving at 8:00 for our 10:47 flight to Puerto Vallarta.

Things started out well–no traffic at the tunnel, no traffic on the bridge, we were in the terminal by 8:45, ticketed and watching Gail fight with security by 9:00.   (Gail got the full pat down treatment, for reasons nobody either knows or will admit.  I assume it was just random stupidity, which is what we expect of the TSA)

Then they said our flight was delayed an hour due to air traffic control.

Then they said the plane was reporting a mechanical problem which would have to be fixed on arrival, but it was an easy fix.  Departure about 12:30

Then they said the fix was easy but would require significant testing–departure delayed until 2:30.

Then they announced that one of the flight attendants had received a call that her husband was in the emergency room in Seattle, so she was heading back in tears.  We can’t just go with 3 attendants it seems (I volunteered loudly to fly with a short crew, but that didn’t, you should pardon the expression, fly.)

So we have to wait until Alaska Airlines trains another cabin attendant.  Or buys one from Hawaiian, or trades for a future draft pick.

Departure time now estimated at 3:45.

If it isn’t one thing, it’s another.  It it isn’t air traffic control, its staffing problems.  We have run into a perfect storm of minor catastrophes which are conspiring to have us spend our Thanksgiving vacation sitting in SFO.  The only good news is that I have secured one of the few carrels with a chair, a desk and an electrical outlet.  The ATT wi-fi is free, if abysmally slow.  They gave us an $8 voucher for food–the cheapest sandwich is $8.95, I had a tiny pizza for $12, a soda is $3.20.

If you travel enough, this will happen to you; I’m trying to think of this as just my turn.

On the other hand, if Alaska Air doesn’t finally get it’s act together, we may have to come to your house for dinner tomorrow.  Got room for two more?  No mushrooms in the stuffing please.


One thought on “If it’s not one thing it’s another

  1. Well, darn! No mushrooms in our stuffing, so do come on down if you end up not getting out of SFO. That WOULD be a complete bummer, though — you guys not getting to Mexico,that is, not us having you as added guests for Thanksgiving!!!! Fingers crossed. . .

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