The good life

The nice way to live


Yes, we made it.  5 or 6 hours late, tired and bored, but we got here.  Then it was a very long walk from immigration to get the bags–and there was no wheelchair available to take Stan, who doesn’t walk so good these days.  I ended up getting a luggage cart and rolling him along on that.

I don’t have the words to fully describe where we are staying.  Just imagine a Ritz-Carlton hotel with only 9 rooms, and your group has them all.  The villa is incredible, with huge, high-ceilinged rooms masterfully decorated.  A full time staff to fulfill you every whim.  Masseuses on site, who give the best massage I’ve ever had.  Food cooked to order day or night.  Sixty inch flat screen TV’s everywhere, so the football fanatics can be assuaged.  Open bar and full time bartender for your tiny group.

Thanksgiving dinner tonight–which started with tortilla soup, progressed through the tamales to mashed sweet potatoes, included a good looking turkey and finished up with pumpkin pie.  All served on the covered lanai by the resident staff, who keep the wine flowing as well.

I guess I know what I’m thankful for this year.  Hope your day went as well.


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