Still living “la vida dulce”



Not content with living in paradise in our enormous fully staffed villa, we wandered out today to some little tiny beach town, Bucerias,  in search of lunch and the rental of Ski-Doos.  We found lunch.

The Ski-Doo rental guys were too hung over to make it to work today.  Or so our local guide/driver/fixer claims.  We’ll never know the true story, not that it matters.  When in Rome and all that.  We’re just going with the flow.

Lunch on the beach was fun.  Not all that great foodwise, but fun.  There was an endless stream of vendors (or is it venders?  I’ve seen both, but with the ‘o’ looks better to me) coming up to try to sell us things.

I bought a couple of painted wood serving bowls, undoubtedly paying too much.  Julie got a jewelry vendor down from $100 to $20 for  a necklace, but she’s a pro at this.  Grandson Bryan bought so many bracelets and necklaces that the local sales crew all know him by name.  Grandson Beaux got a tattoo of Bart Simpson, which will wash off in a week or so but until then he’ll be the star of the 5th grade.

The mariachis on the beach  used to play in hopes of getting a tip–now they expect to get paid up front.  Too many cheap bastards stiffed them, I guess.  It’s 50 pesos or $4 a song, so we popped for Cieto Lindo and Guadalajara and something that may not have a name.  Big spenders from the el Norta, don’t you know.

Now we’re back in the villa for a last glorious dinner, then everyone heads home tomorrow at one time or another.  It’s been a fabulous, fantastic couple of days pretending we’re rich, real life comes back soon enough.

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