Off to Seattle

I love to play with the big boys


Off to the Nationals in Seattle for 6 days of big boy bridge.

Lots of players converging at the airport today–I flew up on Alaska and Manfred Michlmayr was on my plane, along with Booker and Roseanne.  Mike B. was on Southwest, which was scheduled to land within 5 minutes of my flight.

Although Mike virtually always gets places before I do, today my plane was on time and his was a half hour late.  Of such tiny, immaterial, insignificant, irrelevant victories is joy comprised.

Cabbed to the hotel, checked in and dashed over to the playing site.  We’re playing in a convention center which is just across the street from the Sheraton.  If you can stand to be outside for 15 seconds, you don’t have to bring a coat.

This tournament is pretty large–there were 156 tables in the Blue Ribbon Pairs.  I have heard that they are calling in some extra directors because attendance is so good.

The league is getting its act together, at least a little.  After a huge amount of complaining from me, they have managed to erect the “Patron Member Express Entry” signs on the selling tables.  See above about insignificant victories.

The first two boards today, our opponents found slam contracts.  This was not a good omen, as we collected 8 out of 52 matchpoints for the round and there wasn’t a darned thing we could do about it.

Then I made a stupid error.  Then Mike made one.  Then we had a 46.9% game.

Out to a cheap dinner at an Indian restaurant.  The food was pretty good, except for the salted lassi, which I thought was undrinkable.  (Lassi is a yogurt based drink which you can get either sweet or salted.)

Back for the second session.  Pretty down the middle, nothing much exciting.  I thought we’d be about 52%, but it’s more like 50.5%, and that won’t qualify.  Once again I’m trying to remember that the 350th best baseball player in the US is still playing in the major leagues.

Seattle is cold and wet.  Tomorrow it is supposed to be cold and dry.  There are lots of people from the Diablo Valley here: I saw the Munsons and the Friedmans and Linda Gross and Heidi Lippitt, Michlmayr, Jack Meng, Judy Keilin, a couple of ladies I recognized but don’t know by name, Eilene somebody-or-other, I’m sure there are others.  Some of them must have played better than I did today, and maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to figure out who and put them in here.

Tomorrow is a pairs game, unless Micky finds a team for the KO.  Have a nice dinner planned at a restaurant Danny Friedman recommends–stay tuned to see if it’s as good as he claims.


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