Fine dining in Seattle

Reading Facebook a couple of days ago, Diane Barton-Paine was extolling the virtues of Art, the restaurant in the Four Seasons Hotel here in Seattle.  Which is strange, because she doesn’t usually talk about fancy dining.

Then, completely unrelated,  Danny Friedman went out of his way to call me from the same restaurant, and tell me how great it was, and that they had a $30 prix fixe menu that I shouldn’t miss.

So tonight Mike and I went there, with Gail’s son Toby (who goes to U-dub, the University of Washington) and his pretty girlfriend, Molly.

Micky and Toby


Toby caught a cute one. Smart, too.


Dinner was just what you would expect from the Four Seasons–pretty much perfection on a plate.

The kids shared the three course dinner, which offered vegetarian choices, and added a plate of gnocchi.

The ricotta canneloni. I wanted a more formal photo, but the kids were faster than I was.

I had an appetizer-sized gnocchi and the curry spiced salmon.  Micky had the prix fixe, centered on the trout.


Salmon, mashed potatoes, asparagus, Dungeness crab and red cabbage, artfully designed.


Many restaurants these days offer immense desserts, designed to be shared.  Not here.  Desserts were small, delicate little bites of sweetness to finish off the meal rather than leave you overstuffed and groaning.

Four Seasons is famous for their service, and tonight they were as attentive yet unobtrusive as you would expect.  What they weren’t was prompt–dinner took at least 20 minutes too long, even after I made it clear that we wanted our check with the desserts and had to get out of there.  Still, the young master drove me back to the convention center and all was well, I just wish it had been a tad faster.

As we were leaving, I saw Diane coming back for another taste of the good life.  The special dinner is for the month of  November only, so tonight was the last chance, and she had no intention of missing it.  Who could blame her?




One thought on “Fine dining in Seattle

  1. I agree that the service was slow. The food was great, though.

    Chris recommended that Mollie and I stop and see the Sheraton’s Gingerbread House Display. It was awesome.

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