Another adventure

My inner child, which is never very inner, loves going on adventures.


Since I passed on the US Army’s very generous offer of an all expenses paid trip to Vietnam in 1970, this seems like a good time to go see what I missed.

Okay, Don and Linda Mamula said that they were taking a tour, and did we want to join?, so we did. As did Mike and Linda Bandler.  So the 6 of us are off on an adventure to see Vietnam and Cambodia.  Hanoi, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Angkor Wat,  Saigon, lots of little places I won’t be able to spell.

It should be hot.  Damn hot.  Africa hot. (Yes, I stole that line from “Good Morning, Vietnam”  There may be more) They tell me Hanoi is not unlike San Francisco in climate, but the other places are quite tropical–expect 90 degree temperatures and high humidity.

We’re all taking our malaria pills.  The last time I had them, I enjoyed the side effect of anorexia–I had no appetite for 3 months and lost 40 pounds.  I’m asking Santa for the same result this time, but there are no guarantees.

So today we head from SFO to LAX to NRT (Narita, Tokyo’s airport) to Hanoi.  I have lots of magazines and a few sleeping pills.

Stay tuned, this should be a great trip and I’ll blog whenever there is internet.  See you at home in 3 weeks.


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