News, both good and bad

Winners of the best dressed team award.


The regional in Palm Springs is happening right now.  The photo above is our local travelling team, who won their KO match.  I think they just dazzled their opponents with good looking women and gaudy shirts–Danny is in charge of shirts, apparently.

That’s the good news–the bad news is that you don’t see Nancy Munson in that photo because she went back to Indiana to visit her dad, and sadly he passed away this morning.  We all knew him from his trips out here; he was an avid card player and came to the club often with either Nancy or Bob.

Here is the email I got from Bob:


Nancy’s dad Paul died this morning. He got up, had breakfast, had a bath and was put back to bed. Nancy was driving up for her last visit before heading to O’Hare to fly home today. She got a call just before she arrived at the hospital. He died painlessly and peacefully in his sleep.

For those who don’t know – some background.
Paul was living with his son Charley in Winamac. Nancy and I visited Nov 8-12 and we went out to eat a couple of nights and Paul and I played duplicate bridge in Kokomo. About 2-3 weeks ago, he was admitted to a rehab place at Then he was moved to a hospital in Mishawaka, IN (about 1 1/2 hours from Winamac). Since we have an upcoming Christmas trip to Hawaii that we didn’t want to cancel, Nancy decided to go back to Indiana last Monday (12/12) and come home today. Her sister Susan, Miami, had tickets to go to Winamac 12/22, to sit with her dad while Charley took a Christmas vacation. She changed her trip to come up Tuesday (12/13). Nancy and her sister spent the week commuting from Winamac to visit. So, they had a good week visiting with their dad. While Charley was working, he was still able to be there as well, off and on, throughout the week.
Paul had an especially good day yesterday. He was out of bed, sitting up, talking, telling jokes, telling stories. A therapist came in and was surprised that he was 91, said he looked at least 10 years younger. He asked ‘how did you do it?’ Paul replied – no smoking, no drinking and lots of sex!
It’s interesting to me that Paul was born only 4 months after my father.  I think I’ll take his advice on how to live a long life.

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