Back on the road

All packed up and ready to go.  This morning we leave the Sofitel in Siem Reap and board the La Marguerite for out trip down the Mekong River.  I brought speakers and a copy of the sound track to Apocalypse Now so I can sit on the deck and enjoy.

We visited a couple more sites around here.  One was the Pink Temple, which was made of a different kind of stone so it is pink.  Very well preserved/restored, it seems like something Disney would create.

I could imagine this at Disneyworld, if I hadn't seen it here.


This has been here for 1000 years


The delicacy and accuracy of the carving is incredible even for today.


Everywhere you go, there are tuk-tuks.  Picking people up, dropping people off, waiting for a fare.  Mostly waiting.  Some of the drivers have it down to a science:

He doesn't really care when his clients come back.


Our guide, Vuthy, has never been out of the country, yet his English is flawless, with a slight Aussie accent.  He is a constant fount of information, easy to like and willing to help in all circumstances.

No more shouting--he speaks into the mic and you hear through an earpiece attached to a small radio.


We also visited the place where they filmed Lara Croft, tomb raider.  The cast and crew were here for 3 months, and Angelina Jolie adopted a kid.  I just bought a polo shirt, but I like smaller souvenirs.

This temple is special because of the trees which start out on top of something and then send huge roots downward, enveloping a structure.

The tree started on top of the wall, then grew both up and down to encase it.


These trees make a decidedly spooky backdrop for a movie.

Time to get on the bus.  Stay tuned.



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