Towards Phnom Phen

So we left Siem Reap and moved onto the boat, La Marguerite.  More people joined the tour, now there are about 110 of us, including a bunch of Aussies.

We’ve had the greatest of luck with the weather–it’s warm, but not baking.  It wouldn’t be surprising if the temps were in the low 90’s with humidity to match, but we’ve miraculously avoided that.


The shipboard wireless is pretty slow, when it exists at all, so I’m posting fewer photos.  I can’t resist this one:

Buddhist monks want to see Angkor Wat, too



I told you about the steep stairs to the Heaven level at Angkor Wat, here’s how to get there:

These steps are darned near vertical


Coming down is harder than going up, even for the nimblefooted Bandlers


We think that America has the most choice of food products, and are generally correct, but there are exceptions–this is the rice selection in the market in Siem Reap:

You don't get this many kinds of rice in Safeway


And the organic movement isn’t limited to just the tree-huggers of Berkeley:

Even Cambodians care about food additives


Linda lost her hat in Hanoi and had to buy a new one–she wants everyone to see it:


A woman always loves a new hat


Tomorrow we visit Phnom Phen, the capital city since the place was French Indo-China.  Read all about it.



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