Merry Christmas from Siem Reap

Yes, it’s possible to have too much fun to blog.

I’ve been taking photos of the temples with a new method and then processing them with new software, and it’s enjoyable but very slow, so I don’t have much to show you.  Yet.

I knew I liked Cambodia by the time I was 9 feet inside the terminal door–our guide gave all the passports to somebody along with a few dollars, and the 50 of us then walked around the immigration counter and got on the bus.  The country is beautiful and basically brand new–their civil war ended just 13 years ago, and they have had to rebuild everything from the ground up, including all social/political functions.  The Khmer Rouge killed all the intelligentsia, so their social classes are rebuilding as well.

The temples of Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom are astounding, much larger and more complex than the cathedrals of Europe.

We’re headed out to dinner, but I thought I’d give you some pictures of children I got yesterday at a school subsidized by the tour company.  The tiny kids are ragamuffins outside the classroom who come to see the excitement, the older ones have been to regular school then come to this school for English.

Merry Christmas.



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