Street shooting the motor-scooters

There are 9 million people in Saigon,and there are 5 million motor-scooters.  Not a lot of genuine, high-powered motorcycles coming from the Happy Days Shop in Chiang Mai, even fewer cars–there is no parking to speak of, and there is a 200% import duty on them.  You can get a license to drive a 50cc scooter at 16, and drive a 100cc or bigger bike at 18.

We tend to think of scooters as barely better than toys, but they are the big means of transport in all of Asia–cheap, economical, practical.  You can park anywhere, zip through the hideous traffic, carry the whole family. Tiny babies are carried in mommas arms which dad drives.  A little bigger, and they sit or stand  between the folks.  3 years and up they stand on the bike in front of the driver, tiny fingers reaching over the handlebars.

I stood on the street for 30 minutes, taking pictures of the stream of sccoters, here is a gallery of them, click on an image to get a better look and scroll through them all,


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