Smelling like a giant orange

If you shop for your hotel rooms on Priceline, you can save some serious coin, but you are taking your chances, since you don’t know the hotel until after you have paid for it.  You just pick a class, like 3 star or 5 star, and a location.

In San Diego I chose the supposed “downtown” location, and ended up 2.5 miles away from what I would really call downtown, spending most of my savings on parking.

Hotels in the Boca Raton/Delray area are expensive, so the $91 I paid Sunday night for th “3-star” Boca Raton Bridge hotel was a good deal–less than half the posted rate at all the other places I looked.  Location was decent, but the hotel was decidedly less than advertised.

I noticed the first bad sign early, when I looked at my room key:

Not quite the way I imagine room service in a fine hotel.

You know your’e in trouble when they buy their amenities at Costco:

Not exactly Evian.


Supposedly there was high-speed wireless internet.  In actuality, there was low speed wireless internet, but it took me over an hour to connect to it in the evening and it was impossible in the morning.  Something about re-setting the routers in the north of the building.  Or the south.  Or both.  Whatever the problem, the service sucked.

The soap was good, though. Hotels get their soap and shampoo from companies that pay for the chance to have you sample their products, and I really liked this stuff.  Florida had an Orange County before California was a state, I think, and the orange is pretty important around these parts.  The soap and shampoo are strongly scented with orange oil, and I was like a walking orchard all day.  I loved it.

The best part of the hotel.


Not just orange, but “Sicilian Red Orange Extracts”.  If it’s Sicilian, you know it has to be good.

I don’t much recommend the Boca Raton Bridge Hotel, but I sure like their soap.


One thought on “Smelling like a giant orange

  1. Maybe next time look into the Boca Hotel and Club. At one time the Hotel sponsored the Ferarri – Laborghini Club annual meet held at the Boca Polo Grounds. All the the car owners and Nick stayed at the Hotel. Not a Ferrari or Lamborghini owner, I had to park my Porsche 911 at the rear of the Hotel, I was the official Club Photographer for a couple of years. The hotel was fine, the only hotel I have ever stayed in that supplied complimentary “canes”. Yes, there were lots of old gentlemen as guests!…………. cuzin…..Nick

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