I try, I really do

To eat right, that is.

Gail and Susan are playing bridge at some fancy-schmancy country club where Susan also directs.  They left this morning dressed to the nines, whatever the nines are.  Nobody ever just dresses to the sevens, do they?

I’m working on photos and blog posts, but it got time for lunch so Karl and I wandered over the The Wild Side, a local place I’ve written about before.  They have great looking burgers and sweet potato fries, but I decided to try and behave and ordered a Wild Thai Salad, a cabbage salad with pulled pork and barbecued chicken.  Maybe not the very healthiest lunch in the world, but gotta be less fat and grease than a burger.

First, though, Karl said we needed some flaming cheese.  Who could resist something called flaming cheese?  This is what arrived:

Just a small helping of heart attack.


They take cheese, of some non-descript version, bake it, throw it in the deep fryer for a few seconds, pour brandy over it and set it on fire tableside.  Serve it with wedges of pita bread.  Some people think it needs to be washed down with a mojito.

So just before my theoretically “healthy” lunch arrived, I smacked down a jillion calories worth of fried fat.  In a quiet room you could hear the fine crackling sound of my arteries hardening.

I tried, doc, I really did.


One thought on “I try, I really do

  1. Hi, Chris. That looks and sounds more like two jillian to me; hope it tasted swell! Please say hello to Susan and Karl; then you and Gail MUST continue to have a great time. I’m gonna go to Hilton Head for a few days next week for rest and recuperation (and some bridge, too, no doubt). Iris

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