Life is not fair

I think that there is a basic flaw in the universe when one man gets all the good looks, all the cool and huge acting talent, to boot.  At least it’s unfair if that man isn’t me, and it isn’t.  It’s George Clooney.

The coolest man ever in a really good movie.

Last night we saw The Descendants, starring Mr. Cool himself as an uptight, repressed Hawaiian lawyer, their to a huge plantation.  He has two out of control daughters he doesn’t know how to parent, having always left that to his wife.  He is in the midst of having to dispose of 25,000 acres of the family estate on Kauai to satisfy inheritance law, and has many dueling cousins to deal with.

Then he finds out that his wife was cheating on him, and contemplating divorce.

He prevails, of course.  He’s George Clooney, he can’t lose.  The movie gets a little lost in deciding whether it is a comedy or a drama, but nobody is perfect.  The scene where he runs out of the house after hearing of the infidelity he is running like a clown in a Keystone Kops movie, and the sound dubbing is ridiculous.  Similarly, when he is stalking the putative lover, the scene is shot as though he were Buster Keaton.

Still, I enjoyed the movie.  I don’t think it is worth the Best Picture nomination it got, but it was pretty darned good.  Our man George ends up with a couple of loving, well-behaved kids, a few zillion dollars and a new outlook on life.  Some guys have all the luck.


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