Photos are where you find them

I’ve been taking pictures since my cousin Nick taught me how when I was 12.  In those days I could develop and print black and white film myself, turning our bathroom into a makeshift darkroom.

These days I enjoy having a big-boy Nikon and a slew of lenses.  The darkroom has been turned in for my computers and software.  Easier to use and they don’t smell bad, either.

I can’t carry the Nikon all the time though, so I wanted something small to keep with me.  Yes, there is a camera in my phone, the most popular camera in the country, in fact. There are more iPhone photos on the big photo sharing sites like Flickr and Picassa than all other cameras combined, but I wanted more capability.  So I bought a little pocket Canon, the S95, and I love it.

Today we had lunch at Los Jarritos, a tiny Mexican place in the middle of Lafayette.  I’ve written about this eatery before, but I didn’t have a great camera with me.  Today, I did.

Los Jarritos has the most interesting painted windows I’ve ever seen–they are a faux stained glass, all done by a local artist just with paint.  The walls are painted, too.  Because I had my little camera with me, I can share them with you.

(the food there is just fine, too.  We like it for a quick and easy lunch.  The price is right, the service is both fast and good, you’ll enjoy the joint.  3563 Mt. Diablo, between the Roundup and Postino)

Just a window and paint, but the effect is stupendous.





The trompe l'oeil murals on the wall are as good as the windows.


And that’s why I carry my little camera.  Hope you like the photos, hope you try the food.


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