We did it.

Mike and I won the A/X open pairs today.  Two very steady games over 60%, just chugging along.  There were 5 sections of 13 tables, and we beat ’em all.

Okay, so I’m a little excited.

Yes, there was luck involved–you can’t possibly win without it.  The two boards we played against the top seed tonight were simple, ice-cold games where his skill didn’t matter–take your top tricks and score it up.  The hard hands went to the weaker players tonight, which is the way you’d like it to be.

Here’s another great thing that happened today–dinner.  We went to a place called Flight, and had a truly memorable and spectacular meal.

This restaurant has a gimmick–they serve everything in flights, no just the wines.  You can get a flight of 3 different salads, or soups.  They offer about 15 different entrees, and you can get two or three smaller portions of them in a flight, in any combination you want.

Mike ventured a flight of the red wine, but then had a salad and the veal parmigiano, or something similarly tame.  It may not surprise you that I stepped out a little.  First the soup–sweet potato with Thai chili spice.  I think it’s the best soup I ever ate.  So rich and sweet it could have been dessert as easily as the first course.

Then I chose a flight of entrees:


New Zealand Elk, Wild boar and Muscovy duck all at once. I think I'm in heaven.

One more of the odd things about me–I almost never would order beef; most of the time I have the fish or the pasta.  But if there is something out of the ordinary, I can’t possibly pass it up.  And here was elk on the menu!!  And Wild Boar!!!  And I like duck!!

So, OK, the sauce on the elk was pretty heavy, but I can live with that.  I thought my meal was wonderful–there’s a good chance I’ll be going back once Gail gets here.

And that’s my great day.  Win an event and have a great meal.  The only thing missing is the girl, and she’s in Orlando and gets here Monday night.  Life is good.


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