Good airport food??


Playing in the Silver Ribbon pairs a couple of days ago, I got to talking about places to eat and someone told me there was a great restaurant inside DFW airport. Given how often we end up changing planes in Dallas, I was pretty interested.

We’re on our way home today, and once again in the Big D, and it’s lunchtime. Consequently, we’re trying out Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, a genuine sit-down restaurant situated at gate A25.

Lo and behold, faith and beggorah, it’s true! There is good food here.

I had the crawfish étouffée, and loved it. Gail had gumbo and rice. It was wonderful. This place has genuine Louisiana food, right near the Skylink.

Flying isn’t the classy endeavor it used to be, but at least if you have to spend a couple of hours in DFW you can get a quality meal with good service.


2 thoughts on “Good airport food??

  1. For those flying United (Continental), there is also a Pappadeaux at IAH. Southwest flyers can find one at HOU. And for the Deltaholics, I can recommend “One Flew South” in the E concourse at ATL.

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