In order to win the KO’s, you have to make it to the finals.

In order to make it to the finals, you have to make it to the semi-finals.

This week, that little goal has eluded us, until tonight.

We have been in Bracket 2 all week, but so many teams have gone home that we are in Bracket I for the final KO that started this morning.  There were 10 teams in our bracket, so they reduced it to 6 in the first round, and had two round robins in the second session, so there will be 4 teams tomorrow morning in the semi-finals, and our team is one of them.  Perseverance pays off.


Mike and I played the first half tonight, then we were out so we went to play our annual game of miniature golf.  Neither of us is a real golfer, so 18 holes a year of mini-golf is about enough for us.

Dinner tonight at the Texas Roadhouse, which is pretty much like everyplace else here.  A waitress who asked if “y’all have ever ate here before”.  Excessively sweet dinner rolls served with cloyingly sweet honey margarine.  Salads from the kitchen instead of a salad bar, but pretty good.  Really really good ribs.  I’m not really a rib afficianado, but if you’re in Tennessee, you owe it to yourself to try them.


Semi finals at 10 Sunday morning.  If we lose, Mike and I head to Knoxville, a trip to the art museum, a night at the Hilton and then an early plane Monday.  If we win, we stay and play the finals, no museum.  I like that plan better, how much great art can they have in Knoxville, anyway?


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