We done run out of bridge

Trying to buy a Diet Coke this morning, I was informed by the crack staff of the concession stand that “we done run out of Diet Coke.”  They speak a different brand of English in these parts.

The tournament ended with a whimper for us–we played a very good team, and lost.  At least they were nice guys and it was a pleasant game.

Mike and I played 264 hands this week, with only a couple of system discussions and no serious bidding disasters.   It was a lucky day when Don Harrison put us together 25 years ago.

The tournament had over 8700 tables, which is about 3 times the size of the Sacramento Regional.  There were players from all over the US, Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The Gatlinburg Regional is famous for its hospitality.  There are table gifts almost every session–either a trinket to keep, or candy, or a $1 discount card for the snack bar.  We got mechanical pencils, magnetic clips, fancy pencil sharpeners, all sorts of gimcracks and knickknacks.

I’m so dedicated to my readers that I found the iron in my hotel room to press this item before I could photograph it:

I guess this is a dish towel. I know Gail won't let me bring it in the house.


And that’s all the fun we can have this year in Gatlinburg. Six prime-time KO’s plus the morning. Two third/fourth overall placings, plus 15th in the loser swiss teams.  Not a great result this year, sad to say, maybe 40 masterpoints.  A really great cabin Bob is already booking for next year.  All the same restaurants, all the same kitschy stores.  The drive through the Smoky Mountain National Forest is as beautiful as ever, changing planes in Dallas as tedious as always.

The people at the conventions center said it best:

We all sure will.


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