Just for fun

Oakland has an enormous event every month called Art Murmur, where a couple of thousand people show up on the first Friday night of the month and hit the art galleries.  It’s pretty amazing.

Point Richmond has  similar event, called ArtWalk.  It’s just a few orders of magnitude smaller.  I think there might have been 50 of us, happily wandering among the three tiny galleries of the incredibly quaint and intriguing community at the eastern anchorage of the San Rafael bridge.

The little art collective where our friends exhibit.


When the art is also a clock, is it art or handicraft? I never know.


The proximate cause of the evening was that our friends Ted and Mary Bayer were involved in the art collective.  Ted is a retired surgeon who has turned to sculpture.  Mary has always been an artist.

Ted Bayer Sculpture in the window.


Just down the block were two more galleries, completing the tour of the city.

Seriously great blues in the courtyard between the other two galleries.

An interesting piece from the next gallery we saw.



The drawings in the Susan Shore gallery


And here is Susan Shore, the artist and gallery owner.



A mural on one of the buildings in town. I never realized Daisy Duck was so buxom.


We stopped in an antique store, and saw this model of cathedral. Or a large gothic dollhouse. Lots of unique things in Point Richmond.


Then it was off to dinner at the Hotel Mac, a local landmark that has been around for a century or so. It isn’t really anything special, but the food isn’t bad and they are willing to put up with a very rowdy 10 of us.  Gail and Ted made a culinary discovery.

French fries in the sauce from the mussels.

Gail doesn’t care from mussels, but fortunately Mary does.  The mussels were served with french fries, which in turn were covered in aioli. When the mussels were done, Gail and Ted started dredging the fries in the leftover sauce, or juice, or whatever that odd liquid is called.  They even called in the leftover fries from Linda’s plate for more dipping.  This may start a new trend, and a nationwide chain of fry and mussel stores.

Linda is the daughter of a professional photographer and spent her youth in front of dad’s camera, so she doesn’t usually let me take her photo.  Tonight, perhaps as a benefit of the wine, she insisted that I include her in this, so I’ll end with it.  Good thing I took all those  portrait classes.



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