Fashion or Art?

Today was the last day for the Jean Paul Gaultier exhibit at the de Young Museum, and so many of our friends had told us we had to see it that we braved the crowds and the fog and the traffic to see it.

Gaultier is one of the major forces in fashion, consistently pushing the limits of acceptability.  What he shows in his haute couture shows is often designed to shock and get lots of press while his pret-a-porter lines are much more wearable.

The exhibit was jammed, last day and all. I thought it was particularly poorly laid out, with little traffic flow.  The opening room included a mannequin on which was projected Gaultier’s face, talking about his work.  The video loop was far too long, with the result that nobody was moving.  Other rooms were clumsily designed so people had to walk around twice to see the exhibits.

Still, the clothing was exciting and intriguing.  I can’t tell you to go see it, because it just closed.  Here are some photos so you can see what you missed: ( click on any one to see a gallery of large images)


One thought on “Fashion or Art?

  1. Sorry you had such a large crowd. We were able to backtrack, linger, skip the bottlenecks and come back for them. I had a great time! Just haven’t digested my pictures to be able to do a posting…shame on me! Soon!

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