A panoramic view of the Delta–notice the complete lack of boats on this perfect day.


I don’t own a boat, and that’s fine with me.  I think I’d like to go out on the water once or twice a year, and that just doesn’t justify the year round expense.

Because this is so obvious to me, I’m always surprised to see how many people do own boats, and don’t use them.  Today, Gail and I went for a drive on the Delta, passing one marina after another filled with large, expensive boats just sitting there.    The sun was out, the temperature was in the low 80’s, there was a light breeze from the southwest, it was a marvelous day being enjoyed by essentially no boaters at all.  I’ll never understand it.

A drive on the Delta is nothing without a meal, so we pulled into a likely looking spot–Joe’s Sports Bar at the Lighthouse, just outside of Isleton.  I don’t think there really is a lighthouse, there isn’t much in the way of crashing wave and dangerous rocks in the Delta, but the name is romantic.

The name is painted on the floor–I guess if you get falling down drunk you should know where you are.



The deck overlooking the water.


Joe’s is the kind of friendly, informal place you would expect to find on the water.  It’s a sports bar, and today was the first Sunday of the football season, so there was a game on the screens that were hung by every table.  Unfortunately, the volume was turned up waaaaay to loud, but that’s the way the sports fans like it, I guess.

The food at Joe’s was pretty good, too.  Gail and I both had the grilled fish tacos:


Grilled fish tacos and fries–the perfect Sunday drive lunch.


I liked my taco, even with the particularly spicy barbecue sauce they put on it.  The fries were crisp, no limp.  If they had a decent sweetener for my iced tea I’d give Joe’s a perfect score, but since all they had was Sweet-n-Low, which is a foul-tasting powdered poison, they lose a star.

Our drive was great.  The Delta is beautiful, and the houses and boats and marinas are all intriguing.  Joe’s is a good place, if you don’t mind the volume of the game, and you bring your own sweetener.



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