More musical instruments

I’ve known Peggy Moffet for close to 40 years, and I still call her Miss Moffet.  Okay, that’s because she was a kindergarten teacher and it just seems right.

In any event, last week she asked if I still wanted musical instruments, and I said sure, the Oakland students have a pretty much unending need.

Miss Moffet then produced a ukulele for them, along with a brand new guitar case.

I gave both to John Harrington, our friend the Oakland Schools music teacher, and he was quite pleased.  It turns out that ukuleles are much prized because they are small enough for youngsters to hold and relatively easy to learn.

We, the united readers of this blog, have now donated two ukes, a guitar, a trumpet and a keyboard to the schools.  Thanks to everyone who has contributed, and everyone else, please look in your garage and under the bed in your guest room.  I know that there’s a clarinet out there just waiting to be put to good use.


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