The perfect meal

The meal I have dreams about.

The meal I have dreams about.


Yesterday was my birthday.  I’m now old enough to apply for Social Security. Since I’m still working it makes more sense to wait, but it’s nice to know that I can retire and never work again, as long as I can live on $658/month, which is what I’d get today.  Maybe I could live on that in Guatemala or somewhere……….

We don’t celebrate birthdays much around here.  I have a party every 5 years or so, Gail doesn’t have birthdays at all.  So last night, Gail was out to dinner with the girls, and I celebrated in my favorite way–reading, watching TV, checking Facebook (all at the same time), and enjoying my favorite meal–Lamb chops, noodles and broccoli.

Not everyone likes lamb, but I think that’s largely because their mother overcooked it.  If your only memory is of a dry, hard, tasteless roast I can understand, but you should really try some medium rare chops before you write off an entire type of meat.  There just isn’t anything tastier.

This is an easy meal to cook– just throw the broccoli in the pot with the boiling noodles a minute or so before they are ready.  Pour everything into the colander, add some butter, put the broiled chops on top so the juices drip down and flavor the noodles and enjoy.

So rich meat and butter covered noodles may make it seem like a heart attack on a plate, but anything with broccoli is healthy.  Or that’s what I tell myself.  And if it kills me, what better way to go than eating your favorite meal on your birthday?



7 thoughts on “The perfect meal

  1. Hiya Sport Damn,…forgot your birthday sorry happy 62
    nd….also I remember when all you ate was just the noodles and
    butter….oooooo that was a LONG time ago see you Mon I

  2. Better late than never??!! I had MARCH 13 written on my calendar. Anyway, your dinner sounds divine — we’ll try it. And a very late happy B-day

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