Oyama Sushi

First impressions are important, and Oyama Sushi in Lafayette, near Trader Joe’s, did not make a good one tonight.

Mike and Linda told us about this place and how beautifully the food was presented.  Sushi is supposed to be “edible art”, so we were expecting everything to be looking great.  When we walked in the door, the first thing I saw was tables covered in dirty plates on two tables and three seats at the counter.  It was only because of the good recommendation that we even stayed.

A waitress appeared and said they would have a table cleared in a minute or two.  A bus boy very slowly made his way out of the back and slowly and poorly cleaned a table.  Then they deigned to seat us, at one of the tables that wasn’t dirty in the first place.

Folks, this is not a good first impression.

Then we ordered, and found that the food, at least, is indeed beautiful.

Rainbow roll--crab inside, then rice, then various cuts of fish.

Rainbow roll–crab inside, then rice, then various cuts of fish.

I’m a big fan of the rainbow roll.  It’s your basic California roll topped with slices of a variety of fish.  This one had salmon, albacore, yellowfin and one more.

Godzilla roll--deep fried fish and special sauce.

Godzilla roll–deep fried fish and special sauce.

Gail prefers her sushi cooked, so here is a Godzilla.  It was just OK, and perhaps a bit overcooked.

Then the star of the evening:

Raider Roll

Raider Roll

The Raider Roll is

Deep fried salmon, cream cheese, asparagus roll topped with spicy crab salad and tobiko

It’s good.  Really good.  Good enough to make up for bad bus boy work, mostly.  The plate is stunning, and so is the taste.  No matter what else you order, order this first.

And that’s the end of the story.  Prices are about the same as any other sushi bar around.  The wine list is slightly more than “white, red, rosé”.  Service is adequate but not spectacular.  The only reason to pick this place over the place you usually go to is the Raider Roll.  But that might just be enough.
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