The glamorous life of the jet setter


Starting out on the annual trip to Gatlinburg. My plane is already two hours late.

Huge winds in the bay area have slowed traffic at the airport. For some reason one of the runways is closed entirely.

Fortunately, American airlines called me this afternoon so I knew the plane would be an hour and a half late. Now that I’m here ihey’re tacking on another half hour to the projected departure time.

The luxury tray of sushi you see above is my deluxe gourmet dinner quickly snatched from one of the restaurants at the airport. It is overpriced, of medium quality, and not the least bit exciting.

I have to fly to Dallas tonight, stay in a cheap hotel, and complete the trip in the morning. With this delay, I won’t be in the hotel until almost 1 AM. I have to be back at the airport by nine to make my flight tomorrow.

Such is the life of the itinerant bridge player. I know I will have a good time in Gatlinburg, but the getting there can be challenging.


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