Dallas, always Dallas


Welcome to the Totally Unauthorized suite at the Days Inn DFW.

This is what you get for $50 on Priceline. They picked me up in a Lincoln Navigator, the room has clean sheets and, one trusts, hot water in the morning. There’s a hot breakfast included and a shuttle ride back to the airport to meet Micky and fly off to Knoxville. I think that’s a pretty good deal.

The flight was uneventful. The good news was that the airplane had Wi-Fi. I was able to play two tournaments with Gail on BridgeBase.


Playing on the iPad is not too different than on my desktop, but I did make one mis-bid when the plane bounced and I passed instead of making the bid I intended. But it was our day, and pass with the right bid. God looks out for fools, I guess.

Life can’t be too bad if you get a section top at 37,000 feet.


Time to hit the sack. More tomorrow.


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