Dangerous Driving


As much as I love travel, there are some risks. Jet lag, legionnaires disease, Montezuma’s revenge can all strike the unwary tourist. Some things, though, just make you nervous right away.

Seeing the New York license plates on our rental car gives me the whim-whams. The idea of southern cops loving to ticket NY drivers may be an old myth, but its one I don’t really want to test.

The car itself in nice enough–I’ve got a Mazda 5 which is a small station wagon. It actually has 6 seats, but I’d hate to try to put grown-ups in the back two.

There is one very strange thing–


What the heck is a “cat folder”?? Where do you insert the cat? What shape does it fold the cat into? Why does anyone want a folded cat in the first place?


The house is as nice as last year. There are bumblebees outside the size of hummingbirds. The weather is balmy. Life is good here, and yet we are watching the horrid news from Boston.

I guess we’re in a world where you are never entirely safe, yet I fear a panicked overreaction to this latest incursion on our serenity. Politicians will undoubtedly start grandstanding, calling for laws and restrictions of very dubious value. The police will see an opportunity to be more officious. We will do more harm to ourselves than whoever planted those bombs could ever hope for.

I’m all in favor of the British motto–“Keep Calm and Carry On”. The bad guys will be found and punished. The world will go on. Keep calm and carry on.


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