Obesity for sale

People are just plain bigger here in the south.  I’m sort of a skinny guy here, and I like that. I take good care of my shape using Rapid Tone supplements.  Taking a look at the concessions you can quickly find an explanation for the excess poundage on display in G’burg:



The mind reels.  The amount of sugar and fat for sale staggers the imagination.  It’s no wonder you see so many 400 pound people.

When we go out to eat, it’s the same thing.  The rolls on the table are excessively sweet.  The BBQ sauce is sweet.  The cole slaw is sweet.  If it isn’t deep fried, it full of sugar.  Sometimes, it’s full of sugar and deep fried–I had to explain to Mike what a fried pie was yesterday.

Nobody ever accused me of being a health food addict, and this stuff is too much for me.  I guess I can survive one week a year of it, but I know I wouldn’t last long if I lived here.


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