Solid and Reliable

The Birthday girls, Demi and Kate

The Birthday girls, Demi and Kate

Twenty Five years ago, Gail’s daughter Kate celebrated her birthday by giving birth to a daughter, Demitra Athena Marie Rockas (I love that combination of names).

Monday night, after I flew home from Tennessee and spent the afternoon trying to catch up on work, Gail and I went out to dinner with Kate, husband Brad. Demi and younger daughter Chloe. We chose our favorite Marin restaurant, the venerable Buckeye Roadhouse.

We love the Buckeye. Solid, reliable, upscale and classy, they deliver a great meal every time. Just off the freeway at the Stinson Beach exit, give the car to the valet and enjoy a fine dinner in a setting that will make you feel like old money.


Bruschetta with burrata cheese and smashed peas.

Bruschetta with burrata cheese and smashed peas.


Kate and I are addicted to burrata, so we shared the bruschetta appetizer. The smashed peas are an excellent complement to the cheese; the tiny bit of salad brightened the entire experience.


What Crab Louis should always be.

What Crab Louis should always be.


Gail and Brad both enjoyed the crab Louis. It looks better when served, but Gail broke the rules and started digging in before I could get there with the camera.

Duck breast with grilled mandarin oranges and apples

Liberty duck breast with grilled apples and satsuma mandarin oranges


My duck was pretty perfect, and the accompanying grilled apples and oranges were a revelation. I’ve never had grilled oranges before, and they were spectacular.


Scallops with saffron risotto

Scallops with piquillo pepper risotto


Demi’s scallops with risotto were a beautiful presentation. Cooking scallops is an art–the difference between nearly raw and seriously overcooked is measured in seconds. The cook at the Buckeye has this down to a science.

The daily special fish--grilled halibut on quinoa.

The daily special fish–grilled halibut on quinoa.


More perfectly cooked seafood. One of the thing they teach in cooking school is getting some height on the plate to improve the presentation. Notice how artfully the halibut is perched atop the quinoa and then topped with the arugula to increase the dimensionality of the dish. Touches like this are the difference between journeyman professionalism and artistry.

Chloe had the same halibut dish. She gets full honors in the clean plate club.

No leftovers for Chloe.

No leftovers for Chloe.


I can’t find a thing to complain about. The service is swift, smooth and professional. Prices are reasonable for the quality of the experience. There’s a good reason the Buckeye Roadhouse is our favorite in Marin County; once you go there it will be your favorite too.

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  1. Hi Chris,

    I forwarded this to our friend, Everett Yamaguchi, from Honolulu. He’s a long time bridge player so you probably know him. Anyway, he and hi wife are coming to your area for a vacation next month and I told him you are a great source for restaurants, sights and amusement in the area. Just a heads up in case he gets in touch. Will we see you in Sacramento?


    Joy and Brian

    Joy McKenzie-Smith 817-729-5900 cell

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