Moving to the big time

I started this blog 4 years ago thinking it would be mostly about Unit 499 bridge.  It hasn’t worked out that way.

So today, I’m making a change.  The new name is simply Totally Unauthorized  and the new address is You don’t have to do anything, the old address will work forever, but now I can give people an address that reflects more on what is happening here–one very opinionated guy spouting off without any authorization from anyone.

Having my own address looks better, sounds better and makes me feel better.  Hard to beat all that for the $13 a year it will cost.  I’ll still be talking about restaurants, movies, theater, art and travel.  Politics when I just can’t stand the arrant stupidity of either side.  Bad customer service stories, even good customer service stories on the rare days that it occurs. Bridge now and then. No kitten or puppy pictures ever, even though they improve readership.

Writing a blog was something my brother David pushed me into, and I am continually astonished at how much I enjoy it.  It also gives me a place to display and use my photographs, which has been a hobby, passion and sideline of mine since I was a kid and my cousin Nick taught me to use a camera and develop my own film.

Thanks for reading, thanks for commenting and being part of the conversation.


3 thoughts on “Moving to the big time

  1. Good for you, Chris! And good luck with your varied endeavor.

    In case you need a jump start, Jimmy and I went to see The Sapphires tonight. Last time I recommended a movie you didn’t like it (Silver Linings), but if at first you don’t succeed, try, try, etc.

    We found The Sapphires charming, fun, entertaining. (Flawed, though, like almost every movie I ever see.)

  2. Hey Cuz, you have a great memory, this year will be exactly a half a century since we spent time together talking
    photography and having a good time. Oct 2, 2014, Sandy and I will be married 50 years. By the way you take some
    interesting pictures…. Oh, glad you did not include “Birds” with the dogs and cats!

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