Two steps forward, one step back

My grandmother, and every woman in the family before her back into history, hung her washing on a line. There wasn’t any other option

My mother had a dryer, although she often chose to use the outdoor line because she like the way the clothes smelled when air dried.

So here we are, in the 21st century, living a hyper modern life jetting around the world and communicating on the internet from anywhere, and how do you dry clothes in this “luxury” apartment?


A modern indoor clothes drying rack

A modern indoor clothes drying rack


Yep, here in Italy, the home of Versace and Ferrari, the mecca of design, apartments still don’t have dryers because they take up too much space and use too much electricity.  You get a folding, plastic rack to air dry your clothes.

Three years ago in Ethiopia it took me two days to get my laundry back because it had to dry on the line, and here I’m having the very same situation–a pair of jean takes forever to dry, especially indoors where you can’t get much breeze.

I suppose my grandmother would think the folding rack was a great invention.  I wonder what she did in rainy weather?


One thought on “Two steps forward, one step back

  1. America has its flaws. But – at least we have DRYERS! (I just used Mom and Dad’s at 6AM today; worked like a charm!)

    Plenty to enjoy in Italy, though – hope you have a wonderful time doing it, Chris!

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