Risking my life for my readers

Just last week, I said to Gail that I have never understood why, if you see a car heavily festooned with bumper stickers, it will almost always be a member of the loony left.

The wingnut right, for some reason, just doesn’t cover their cars with partisan stickers.  In general.

So there I was, driving down I5 a few days ago, when I saw a car that refuted my position.  Naturally, I had to get a photo to capture this rarity–sort of like seeing a white tiger:

Tea Party stickers and all.

Tea Party stickers and all.


A woman was driving, moving smartly through the traffic as we neared the San Fernando Valley.  Nothing exceptional to mention about this this, I just thought it was strange that I finally saw it in the wild.


One thought on “Risking my life for my readers

  1. Looniness knows no particular party affiliation, political alliance, race, religion, nation of origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, etc.

    Thanks for sharing!

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