Perhaps we can rise from the ashes

I am in Phoenix, here to play bridge in the Fall North American Championships.

Lots of people telling me about getting the quick pass through TSA pre-check. Big Don Mamula, the wizard of all things airline, says that they are putting many frequent fliers into the program which should speed things up and lower costs. I don’t know that I can believe that the government can be that intelligent and efficient.

Now that I’m here, I’m checked into the Hyatt Hotel, in a large room right next to the pool and the health club. They must have heard how much I like to work out, and that I was actually in our own swimming pool at least 3 times this year.

The Hyatt is an easy 2 block walk from the Sheraton where the national events are being played. At least it’s easy today–tomorrow they are predicting rain and much, much colder. No, I didn’t bring a coat. But Gail is coming Thursday and I’ll ask her to bring one for me. Unless she hears about the weather and decides to stay home.

Mike and I played the Blue Ribbon Pairs today. Had a great first session and a disastrous second session. Regional pairs tomorrow. I’m really sick of not qualifying. We played better the first session, and we got many gifts. There were no gifts in the second session, and a few errors, and that’s a fatal combination.

Dinner was at some very hip looking sushi place a short walk from here called Squid Ink. The prices were insanely low, as they celebrate happy hour until 7 pm. Half price appetizers, half price sushi rolls. The service was good, the sushi mediocre. Worth the price, I guess.

I had to get up at 4:30 this morning to make my plane. I think it’s time for bed. More tomorrow.


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