Some kind of miracle

I am at Oakland airport, waiting for my flight to Phoenix, to play in the nationals with Mike.

Here’s the miracle: I entered the security line, and was directed to the TSA pre-check line. This is a program that let’s prescreened, trusted travelers go through security quickly with a minimum of fuss. No issue with shoes, laptops, belts, or even suspenders. It was very quick, easy, and nonintrusive. This is what the security should be all of the time.

The question is, how did I get in the program? I have not applied for this yet. It occurs to me that perhaps I got placed in the program after Gail and I applied for Global Entry, a program to speed frequent travelers through immigration when returning to the US. We have completed extensive online questionnaires about who we are, where we have lived and where we have travelled and are now awaiting our official interview and fingerprinting for global entry. Perhaps the programs are linked.

It would astonish me if the government was actually so much on top of things that they were able to cross-link programs and simply enroll me in the TSA pre-check. But I can’t find any other explanation, except possibly dumb luck.

Not that anyone should discount the possibility of dumb luck when dealing with the federales. In any case I certainly enjoyed it, I’m happy, and hope this is a harbinger of a great week in Phoenix.


2 thoughts on “Some kind of miracle

  1. It was probably dumb luck. Marianne Robertson and I happened to arrive at the security line at the exact same time. There weren’t very many people at the airport on Friday at 10 AM, but we both got whisked off to the special check in too. Didn’t even have to take my computer out of the bag.

    Good luck in the tournament. I probably won’t see you since I’ve been working at the Hyatt almost all of the week and will be leaving on Thursday so I can direct the Sectional in Orangevale.


    Date: Tue, 3 Dec 2013 14:40:43 +0000 To:

  2. The TSA is randomly extending Pre-Check to everyone. Which sorta defeats the concept of “trusted traveler”. Or maybe it’s a recognition that the security theater is wearing thin with the audience.

    Pre-Check is great, but you still have to be sure not to see off the WTMD (Walk-Through Metal Detector). So be sure to have the coins, phone and other metals in the carry-on. Not having to a) remove Kippie bag, b) remove laptop, c) remove shoes and d) remove jacket are definitely nice.

    Once you get your Global Entry, be sure to enter the number in your FF profile for every airline. Thus, you will get the Pre-Check automatically added to your boarding pass every time.

    Your FF maven wishes you and Micky well in PHX.

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